Emilia Clarke is one of the most popular star among the world, so as the epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones.Despite its disappointing and confusing end, the hair and makeup of Daenerys Targaryen is still astonishing and fitting in the final season.Here is a hair tutorial of the beloved mother of dragons.Hope you guys enjoy it.

Start with your hair parted down the center, then pick up a little bit of hair at one corner of your forehead. Split it into three strands and begin Dutch braiding. After few literations,turn your full Dutch braid to Dutch lace braid.Keep forming your Dutch lace braid all the way to the top back of your head.Secondary braids are Dutch lace briaids.Then merge the brairds from the middle into one large normal braid.Finally, simply divide up the rest of your hair into three sections and normally braid them to the end.


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